SICE is primarily a research organization: we focus on developing social technologies for sustainability. However, we are very keen on sharing our innovations and we provide consulting services to anyone interested in transitioning toward more sustainable practices. To put it in simple terms, we can help you to:

  • Make your community or organization more environmentally-friendly
  • Help you reduce your community’s or organization’s carbon footprint

We can:

  • Develop infrastructural solutions for designing sustainable organizations (schools, libraries, offices, etc.)
  • Consult on designing spaces for sustainability (public buildings, public squares, parks, residential buildings, etc.)
  • Assess the need for sustainability-related interventions in built and natural environments
  • Develop PSAs (including visual design, copywriting, directing, etc.) for pro-social causes
  • Provide evidence-based policy recommendations


If you are interested in our services or would like some additional information, contact us with your inquiry at