The Core Team

Audra Balundė

As an environmental psychology scientist I am interested in various personal, social and contextual factors and how they form and guide behavior. In my studies I focus on moral and identity factors such as environmental values and self-identity as well as personal norms and how they facilitate peoples’ pro-environmental behavior.

I hold a researcher position in SICE, where I focus on understanding social and psychological factors that enable various stakeholders to accept water waste recycling projects in the textile industry. In addition, I hold researcher positions at the Environmental Psychology Research Center and Applied Psychology Research Laboratory at the Mykolas Romeris University. My research includes understanding antecedents (e.g. habits, social norms, infrastructure, etc.) of environmentally friendly behavior among various age groups and testing interventions that target specific environmental behaviors of adolescents.

I actively participate in knowledge exchange networks and expert panels. The following are a few examples. I am an MC member in COST action CA16229 “European Network for Environmental Citizenship” (ENEC), which focuses on educating European citizens on environmental issues and to engage them in environmental actions. My task in the network is to identify psychological factors that can determine engagement in environmental citizenship among various age groups. I am an MC member in COST action CA19126 “Positive Energy Districts European Network” (PED-EU-NET), which aims to facilitate the adoption of Positive Energy Districts across EU cities. My role in the network is to identify barriers and enablers of sustainable energy projects acceptance within communities and society at large. Also, I am a member of an expert panel at the Lithuania Association of Responsible Business (LAVA), where I consult regarding behavior change strategies in organizations. Finally, I am the founder and member of the Environmental Psychology Group at the Lithuanian Society of Psychology.

I am a candidate of a double PhD at Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) and University of Groningen (the Netherlands). Currently I am finalizing my PhD project that tests the validity of a novel theoretical model targeted at explaining environmental behavior.

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dr. Lina Jovarauskaitė

Lina Jovarauskaitė is a co-founder of SICE and holds a position as researcher in the organization. Lina has a scientific background in both environmental and clinical psychology which enables her to integrate diverse perspectives in order to investigate pro-environmental behaviour. Her PhD thesis was focused on the psychological factors of bottled water consumption as well as the impact of policies related to aforementioned behaviour. Currently, Lina is interested in social acceptance of sustainable technologies and relevant psychological and contextual determinants.

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dr. Mykolas Simas Poškus

Mykolas has worked as a freelance business consultant and copywriter from 2012 to 2017 and since 2015 is teaching Master-level courses at MRU on Advanced Data Analysis in Psychology, Organizational Theory and Psychology, Innovation Management Psychology, and Organizational Development and Innovation. He also holds a chief researcher position as an environmental psychologist at MRU and VDU.

Mykolas is leading several research projects that currently receive funding from the Research Council of Lithuania, and has co-authored several more, most of which deal with sustainability or pro-environmental behaviour.

Mykolas mostly specializes in built environments and how to adjust them in order to promote desirable behaviour and to reduce environmental impact through behavioural defaults. However, Mykolas has conducted and continues to conduct research on various individual and normative antecedents of pro-environmental behaviour. He is also very fond of experimental research and statistical modelling. Mykolas is involved in a variety COST networks that deal with sustainability issues. Currently Mykolas is engaged in bridging the gap between environmental knowledge and environmental action through evidence-based education that focuses on factual and unbiased knowledge regarding environmental issues.

Mykolas is a co-founder of SICE.

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Other teammates

The work of SICE is mostly project-based. This means that our Core Team assembles a complete specialized team for every project we undertake. This approach allows us to save our customers’ money by not inflating our service fees by having a lot of idle personnel employed at all time. This also enables us to create very specialized, competent, and diverse teams that suit the specific needs of every project.

We have available specialists from a variety of disciplines:

  • Designers
  • Architects
  • Urban planners
  • IT specialists
  • Mathematicians
  • Legal advisors
  • Educators
  • Artists

and many more…